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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bish, bash, botch

This is what I've been doing all day, until sheer frustration made me give up and go for a walk. I like the idea that I had for giving this lovely old stool a much-needed facelift, but oh dear, I'm just woefully lacking in the skills department and I'm just about to start unpicking for about the fortieth time.

My auction stool before its cosmetic surgery
It's the corners. I just can't see how you join the top part to the bottom part without lots of bulgy bits developing. In my defence, the instructions, which came from this month's Ideal Home, were dreadful. They offered one miniscule diagram which explained nothing. I must have 30 craft books and none of those were any help either. Is it just me?? Don't answer that.... 

At least I was able to use my new Cath Kidston pin tin, a surprise present from my 16 year old. With his new weekend job has come a bank account, and he was the mail order king this Christmas. Cath emails and special offers are now pinging into his inbox on a regular basis. "I can't believe that I actually have an account at Cath Kidston," he said the other day, shaking his head.
Anyway, now I know what I will be doing in the New Year. Signing up for a beginners sewing course, that's what.

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