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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome, 2012

In a year of health challenges, not just for me, but for some family members and friends, too, it really was the little things that counted. It's one of those cliches that is absolutely true. Small pleasures fully appreciated while they were happening, rather than looking sideways at other people and wishing for something different or better. These are some of the things that stand out in 2011: 

Making the most of what is on our doorstep: open gardens, walks, village open days

Baking: for the family, for open gardens, school cake sales, the village show, family parties and for my new gluten-free diet....

The Duchess: my beloved new bicycle. I hope to have many more outings on her in 2012:

Thrifting: rain or shine, weak or strong, I was often there!

Making/repainting/mending/upcycling: can't be beaten in the satisfaction stakes, even when I had a day like yesterday when it all went wrong...

Family trips: as the boys get older, it's getting rarer that we do something together, so it's always a pleasure when we organise it. Stratford Upon Avon, Hastings and Brighton were all high spots.


Book of the Year: Plants and Places by Angie Lewin
Place of the Year: The Victoria and Albert Museum
Event of the year: Macbeth at Stratford Upon Avon
Album of the Year: Tapestry by Carole King - I'd never heard it before and didn't know how good she is
Meal of the Year: Hot fried fish sandwiches on the sea front in Brighton 
Coffee of the Year: Burghley House outdoor cafe, near Stamford, on my Dad's 80th birthday in freakishly warm April sunshine
Rediscovered pleasure: riding a horse


  1. Hello I came across you the other day when I was surfing around blogland and I wanted to pop back when I had more time, tonight I've had that luxury. I'm so glad I did your blog is lovely. I love the tea set from the post Car Boot Loot, Tea's in the garden your cakes look delicious and you post Down to the river was delightful.
    Your photo's are gorgeous and your bike well a bike like that has been on my wish list for a little while a may just have to treat myself this year.
    Thank you for keeping me company tonight.
    I hope 2012 is a great year for you.


  2. Thanks, your comments mean a lot.