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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fresh face

I had a free day today, so I made over an old stool that I've been hoarding for a few months. It started life like this:

I thought it looked a bit dowdy, although I liked the shape, so I gave it a lick of paint:

Then I added an oilcloth top:

If you have read my blog recently, you may well be wondering just how many stools one house can accommodate. I admit that I have got quite a few. This one will go to my annual vintage sale, which I've just booked in for May 7th. It's never too soon to start preparing the stock!


  1. It's really lovely, I like the shape, our house is full of them too :-)
    Sophie x

  2. Oh its lovely, it looks so fresh and I love the shape. I would love a stool are two roll on car boot weather x

  3. Yes, there's nothing like a project to chase away the blues :)