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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday excursion

Grey Horses by Tom Gentleman

                                                       Fisherman's Hut by Hans Tisdall

The house has felt rather full of football this weekend, so I took myself off for a little solo expedition this afternoon. I spotted The School Prints exhibition in this month's edition of BBC Homes and Antiques, and was delighted to find that it was just half an hour away from us, in the Goldmark Gallery in the market town of Uppingham. It's a collection of lithographs from the 1940s which were specially commissioned from leading artists and illustrators so that children in primary school could be exposed to 'good' art. As I'm a huge fan of illustration and old children's books, it was always going to be a winner for me.

Harbour by Julian Trevelyan (1920 -1988)

Though small, it is a lovely exhibition. I love the stylised depictions of scenes such as harvest time and the harbour (above). Apparently, the artists were asked to use no more than six colours. There is a simplicity about the pictures which I find very appealing. I'll try and upload a couple more tomorrow as I haven't done them justice. Favourites are Grey Horses by Tom Gentleman and  Harvesting by John Nash.
After my gallery mooch, I'd planned to stroll around Uppingham and take a few pictures, but a rather persistent drizzle had set in and the skies were leaden. It is a lovely little town, however, and I did my best:

Back to the football....still, look on the bright side, Gary Lineker is on holiday this week (someone really needs to tell that man to buy a bigger shirt ;) )

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