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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Birthday cake

I've been making a cake for my father-in-law's 94th birthday. I was looking for a not-too-sweet recipe, which he prefers. I chose carrot cake, the 'healthiest' cake I know, and I used walnuts from our tree in the mix.

The tea set came from a car boot sale last summer. I've been scanning the local paper to see when the boot season starts again. I know it's too early, really, but just incase....


  1. Cake looks lovely.I have a friend that lives in Kettering so have order one of Nen Velly living mags as part of her birthday present "so we to can find out about car boots" ect:x

  2. That's really lovely to hear. I try to put as much sale info into Nene Valley Living as I can but we have longish lead times so am not always able to get everything in. Another good source of listings though is the Stamford Mercury, which is weekly (and online). See you at the boot!