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Friday, 13 January 2012

Village tales...and trails

Last night I volunteered to go on our village Diamond Jubilee celebrations committee. There was an open meeting in the pub, and about 30 people turned up. The aim is to have a free, all-inclusive party on our cricket field, with a marquee, music and food. There were representatives from all the main village groups, such as the Scouts, the school, pre-school and the church. 
I grew up in a village and I have really vivid memories of the Silver Jubilee. I can remember the dress I wore, the friends I was with, and best of all, meeting New People from Other Schools (at that time it was my life's ambition to meet New People, something which didn't often happen in a small village).
Our village didn't do anything community-wide for the Royal Wedding last year, so we want to make sure we do put on a big celebration this year. It's a great idea: villages can be very fragmented, with everyone sticking to their own little groups, and ours is no exception, so it'll be good to get everyone working towards one cause.

I took myself for a long walk this morning, as the magazine is pretty much finished for this month. I rambled for miles. Who knew that a field of cabbages could be beautiful? The sunshine was astonishing. I didn't see one single person during my five mile route, just lots of rabbits, and robins.

Now I'm about to settle down to an afternoon of sewing. Nothing too complicated. I have been promising myself that I would mend this wonderful old quilt, and now is the time.

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  1. Oh your Jubilee celebrations sound fantastic. Aren't you good going for a five mile walk and the field of cabbages looks gorgeous.I took on the job of chairperson back in October at my childrens school and at our meeting Wednesday we started making big plans for the school we're all really excited about it.
    Hope your having a good weekend