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Monday, 30 January 2012

Lincoln Antiques and Home Show

I used to  be a regular at Lincoln Antiques and Home Show, which is a vast flea market in the Midlands. But a combination of things - a new location 20 miles further away, a big hike in the entrance fee, petrol prices, a busy working life and my health meant that I haven't been as much over the last couple of years. I've missed it very,very much, even those 5am starts to get there at the beginning when all the best stock comes out. 
So, now that I have a little more time, and my health is better than it was, I was very excited about going today. The day started out cold and grey, but by mid-morning I was squinting against the sun. Wonderful. There probably weren't as many stands as I remember, but still loads to see and buy and lots of familiar faces. I tried to be cautious, to stretch my pennies as far as I could with some bits for my sale and a few for me, too. Lots of browsing ensued, especially of the haberdashery variety...

So, what exactly did I end up with? Well, certainly not what I set out to buy! But that's usual.

Some things for my sale. This little chair has pink paint underneath and I shall sand back the white gloss to uncover it. And a car boot that looked like this:

Happy days.


  1. Love all your finds, we went to Shepton Mallet last week and not nearly as many there. Julie xxx

  2. Love the little bunny rabbit, been looking for one like that for ages! Am sure one will turn up eventually. Looks like you had a lovely day. Helen x