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Monday, 2 May 2011

A grand day for a sale

Today was sale day. This is the village of Elton where it was all happening.

Stallholders set up on one of two village greens. It is a picture postcard perfect English village so the May Day celebrations are quite an invasion.

Our pitch was near this gorgeous cottage garden. We took our rather un-picturesque grey family tent, as there was a brisk wind blowing and I didn't want to risk seeing my lovely china teasets flying through the air in a gust. Husband and younger son were an invaluable back up team, grappling with this monster. But finally, here we are:

I really wasn't sure how my stock would be received, as I've had good sales and bad ones here. But today was a good day. In fact, I had a brilliant response, with lots of lovely buyers.

Opposite my pitch was my friend Lucy and her beautiful hand made quilts, purses, bags and bunting. I loved this quilt:

And this one:

My best sellers were my vintage linens - people like nothing more than a rummage through a big hamper of pretty old embroidered bits and pieces, and my tea sets in wicker baskets. The atmosphere was very happy, with a steel band positioned close by, a hog roast doing a roaring trade and of course, home made teas.

This beautiful cottage was on the way to the tea tent. I've always loved it, and this was the perfect opportunity to take a sneaky snap.
I didn't have time to sit down all afternoon, there was no lull, and people were still wanting to buy as we were packing away. I did just get a chance to visit Gilly's bric a brac stall. She has great taste, and has always been very encouraging to me at various village events. I can never resist her wares, although I was determind that today was primarily a selling day and not a buying one.

It will be wonderful to find space in our garden shed now that I've moved some things along. I said this would be my last sale, but I had such a brilliant time that  I may have to do just one more........

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comments and photos - it was great to see you on Monday with all yor wonderful things. Let's catch up again soon. Lucy x