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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Teas in the garden

The rain fell softly and steadily all day on Bank Holiday Monday, but still the visitors flocked to Foxtail Lilly's NGS open day. Mum and I were tucked away in the newly converted barn, where we set out our stall of home made goodies. Gardeners are a hardy bunch, and they seemed so glad to see the rain falling on their parched plots that they didn't let it spoil their day out. Let's take a look inside:

We have catered for Tracey's open days a few times, so we know what our customers like: no girly cupcakes here, they prefer tea loaves, Victoria, coffee, lemon and chocolate sponge cakes, gingerbread, date slices, raspberry and white chocolate muffins, brownies, home made sausage rolls and eccles cakes.   I must admit the spread did look pretty tempting. I spent the previous day in the kitchen, while the other family members went to a football match. I love doing a big bake, just once in a while, and have total respect for anyone who caters for a living.  

On the day, it was a family affair, with younger son on clearing tables and drying up duty, my Dad at the sink doing a sterling job of washing up, Mum sorting out the cakes and the money, and I made 130 cups of tea and coffee. The nicest thing about the day was meeting so many great people, some of whom had travelled for miles to see the garden. I think we see the best of everyone: cake makes people happy....

The shop was beautifully stocked with lots of gorgeous plants, and the garden looked delightful, as always. Tracey had worked very hard. Today it's sunnny and breezy, and it's a shame that we couldn't have had a break in the clouds yesterday, but all in all, I think it was a real success.

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