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Monday, 16 May 2011

A short road trip

Yesterday, we took a trip to Ikea. It was part of my younger son's birthday present. He'd initially requested another games console, but it was decided that there are already more than enough in the house. He then politely asked if he could have a flat screen TV in his room, but as he's only 13, and we would quite like to see him occasionally, that wasn't an option, either. Finally, it was agreed that we would go to Ikea and he could choose some things for his new bedroom (and I promised that I would not try to influence his decisions!). So, my mum, C and I headed off bright and early on Sunday morning.
C quickly found what he was looking for: a desk, a lamp to go on top, and a new duvet cover.
We all enjoyed browsing, and I spotted this pea green stool (above) in the garden section. Also in my trolley were two metres of natural linen, excellent value at £7 a metre, and a Rosali cotton duvet cover in blue.
I wish they would bring back the Rosali paisley range, which I preferred, but I don't think it is going to happen.
Ikea is a frustrating shop in many ways, and it must win the award for the most screaming children per square metre of any retail outlet (my own were no different on the few occasions we took them there when they were tiny), but there are some good finds to be had. Talking of which:

I have enjoyed this newly launched magazine, Molly Makes. I love the photography, the layout and the book reviews. It is nice to see so many inventive houses from different countries, all put together on small budgets. So inspiring. Apples in woolly jackets are something I won't be making, but it's a very sweet cover shot all the same.

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