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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Living in miniature

My mini dresser was a £2 purchase from a car boot sale last summer, but I'd put it in a box and forgotten all about it. As I have a massive urge to renovate, but little time to do it, I decided this was the 10 minute project that I needed. Once brown, dusty and unloved, the dresser now sports a coat of Farrow and Ball and some fitting accessories. I love tiny things and always have an eye out for them. One of the little white jugs was something my Dad dug up in the garden of the cottage where I grew up. The garden had once been the village tip, and we've unearthed all kinds of treasures while digging the vegetables, including some tiny china dolls and some lead soldiers.
Anyway, this isn't really what I was going to write about today. I did make a quick trip here to pick up my new piece of furniture, :

 But, there is a slight problem in that I miscalculated my measurements and it doesn't quite fit in the spot that I'd earmarked. My heart rules my head as usual....hopeless! I am going to have to reorganise tomorrow and find a new slot. The house is currently upside down as husband and younger son are swapping their study and bedroom respectively. When the dust has settled, I'll take some pictures.

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