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Sunday, 8 May 2011

A new addition

It's been a busy weekend of football awards ceremonies, a bit of gardening, cooking and of course, moving the furniture. My new purchase is very pretty (well, I think so anyway!):

A traditional English meat safe with three shelves inside. A household essential before the fridge came into use, and there is just something about them that I really, really like. I've been trying to find one for a couple of years now, and although I have seen many, in different shapes and sizes, there was always something just not quite right. In fact, I'm sure I've driven my antique-ing friend Tracey quite mad with my quest....well, I think it is over now (even if I do wish the pine was slightly darker....enough already)

I bought this from a lovely shop called Old Bakery Antiques, Wymondham, Leicestershire. It's in a very pretty village, and it's one of those shops that you didn't think existed any more. Tina, the owner, specialises in country antiques and gardenalia. Here is her backyard:

There is no junk here, it's all immaculately restored. Tina and her partner don't really do the internet either, so there's a real sense of stumbling across something special when you find the shop. The surrounding countryside, Leicestershire, is very picturesque in a non-showy kind of way. This was just down the road from Tina's shop:

There's a tea shop here, and a florist. I was in too much of a rush to stop for tea and scones, but I'll come back another day. I love driving through country lanes at this time of year, when the grass and flowers are spilling into the road and everything is so lush. It was a really great little interlude.... 

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