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Friday, 20 May 2011

A spot of streetcombing....

Two deadlines finished at last, so a day off was in order. Nothing major planned, but it was definitely time to check out my local charity shops and drop in on the market. Among the fruit and veg, I spotted these like a mirage on the horizon:

Rather similar to a certain famous name, but a fraction of the price...the stall was overrun with buyers. On to the charity shop, and I found this jolly cardigan for a few pounds:

I never say no to buttons, particularly red ones:

I couldn't decide about the rosey barkcloth curtains, but I thought I should bring them home. I just need a 1950s caravan to hang them in now.
Then it was time to do some baking, something that gets neglected when I'm flat out. My elder son has just got through the first week of his GCSEs and some tlc will definitely be required this evening.  

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