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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Thank you, Seth Lakeman

Our nearest large town is Peterborough. Despite the fact that it's only about 30 miles from Cambridge, the two towns could not be more different. While Cambridge is packed with culture, music and museums, Peterborough struggles with no proper permanent art galleries or concert venues, just two small theatres and a museum (currently closed for refurbishment).
But, just occasionally, we are thrown a crumb. Actually, last night it was a whole loaf, because Seth Lakeman, the folk rock singer, came to play in the Cathedral.
Peterborough Cathedral is magnificent, truly a hidden jewel, and with Seth installed, it was pretty much perfect. The event was quite an unusual concept: I always think of folk music as being overwhelmingly pagan, so the ecclesiastical setting did take some getting used to. Good for the Cathedral for allowing it to happen (this iPhone snap doesn't do it justice and we weren't allowed to take shots inside once the music began).

When you see a consummate performer, it's like being gathered up and transported to another place, and Seth and his band were sensational. I particularly love his songs with a driving beat (try listening to Kitty Jay) and seeing Seth working away on his violin like a man possessed. This is the second time that he has played in Peterborough.  I just hope he'll come and visit us again soon.

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