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Friday, 6 May 2011

Little beauties

It has been sooo hard to stay inside at the computer today. The garden was calling me: it is warm and fragrant out there, I cannot ever remember such a sweet smelling spring. Since my sale success, I feel a turbo charged interest in all things vintage, and all I really want to do is to wile away the hours painting, recovering and fixing things up. But it's deadline week, so that's not possible just now. Anyway, with the excuse that I was spring cleaning, I popped out to air a couple of my quilts at lunch time and I couldn't resist a few quick photos....

The colours are so amazing on these old textiles. One day, I shall have a little attic bedroom in which to display them properly.
Someone else heard me pottering about and came out to join in....our guinea pigs are in heaven, grazing the long grass in their run.

Tomorrow I am going on a mission to collect something special. I never buy from proper antiques shops as they are usually too expensive for my budget, but today I got a phone call from a lady I met through work, and she told me that she had come across an item that I had once mentioned. Was I interested? With my sale proceeds carefully stashed away, it sounds as if I might be able to afford it...and I am going to find out if it fits the bill tomorrow afternoon. Watch this space!


  1. That sounds good looking forward to seeing what it is! Lesley x

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