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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dream of a dress

I adore dresses, especially vintage ones, and when I spotted this in the Red Cross shop, it was love at first sight. It claims to be a size 12, although someone had scribbled on label 'more like an eight', but actually I am far less likely to wear it than to look at it (even if I could squeeze into it!).

Minnie Mouse - or Audrey Hepburn? I'm not sure, I just know that it's cute. I'm doing a 1950s exhibition at our village Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and I thought it would be good to display there. Meanwhile, it can hang in the bedroom and I'll enjoy the view.


  1. It's a lovely dress. I have a red and white spotty one. The last time I wore it my little man said "mummy - if you had some big black ears you would look just like Minnie Mouse!". Didn't put me off though - I still wear it. M x

  2. Yes, my family have learnt to be tolerant of my eccentric tastes. My 16 year old son's female friends seem to appreciate quite a lot of the quirkier things in our house, which is really, really nice!

  3. It is gorgeous, such a lucky find, shame that most vintage dresses are so tiny, but it looks lovely there on display x