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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring thrift

Every six months or so, a chapel in a nearby village has a pop up thrift shop. It is held over two days, and I went along on the first morning to see what I could find. Quite a few people had the same idea, but I managed to find a few pretty things to bring home. 

I wasn't feeling very feisty, so I missed some lovely things, but that's the way it goes with rummage sales. 

I'm very happy with my little selection.

It is a stupendous day here, so sunny, and there are so many flowers popping open at the moment.

A violet.
And this plant, from a cutting which my mum gave me last year (I love its spotty leaves). Anemones are another favourite, so low to the ground, and four different shades of blue next to each other.

Enjoy your day.


  1. A pop-up thrift shop is a super idea. Glad you found a few bargains.
    Lovely little flowers.

  2. What a great idea wish they had them around here,So looking forward to coming up and staying with my friend.

  3. It is a great idea, isn't it? They also put things out gradually over the two days, so whenever you get there, you're in with the chance of a nice find.

  4. What a wonderful idea. I live near Stamford and would be very interested to know the venue/date of the next one!!

  5. It's in Elton, Cambs, and they are usually in September and March, I think. Check your Stamford Mercury diary page for details!! Lots of info about table top sales, jumbles, car boots etc in there.

  6. Your little plant is Lungwort and the bees love it,

  7. Thank you! I am hoping it will spread....