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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Easter cake

Up early, messing about with ideas for tomorrow's photos before a busy family Saturday begins. I made a cake last night, a lemon Victoria sponge, iced with Jane Cumberbatch's butter lemon icing, and decorated with Sainsbury's chocolate flowers.
I think the cake might come along to the shoot, either to be eaten or photographed, or perhaps both!

The forecast for tomorrow is terrible - driving rain. Not what we want to conjour up a spring party. I think we'll be needing plenty of extra  lighting....

Have a good day.


  1. Ooh what a gorgeous yummy cake that looks and pretty flowers and books, have a good time. Julie xxx

  2. Hope all goes well, looking forward to see pictures.We had lovely weather here yesterday so hope you did too!.I am coming up to see a friend at the end of the month so hope to have a good look around your c shops for some of the lovely things you find.Oh yes cake looks yummy.x

  3. Thank you. Yes, you must visit the c.shops around here, they can be brilliant!