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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fabric tales

One of the things that came home with me from Peterborough Antiques Fair was an old patchwork piece. It's not an especially complicated or special one. It doesn't even have batting or a backing so I can't even call it a proper quilt. It was obviously cobbled together with worn out shirts, sheets and little pieces of this and that and every snippet is washed and faded, just the way I like them.

 There are patches on patches....

I'm sure some of these fabrics are French. But I don't know anything else about this piece. If only it could talk....

It was in a pretty poor state when I found it, crumpled, very dirty and unloved, but a long soak and a brisk hand wash, followed by hours blowing on the line in the sun has made it crisp and fragrant again.

A worn and faded treasure.

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