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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Out and about

I've been closeted away in my study writing and writing over the last few days, so it was brilliant to get out today for an editorial meeting in a local coffee shop. I've heard that this is the last day of sunshine, so I really wanted to make the most of it. After my meeting, I popped into Oxfam and was thrilled to find this unworn Saltwater tunic for a few pounds. Came home and couldn't bear to go back into the study, so I took myself off for a short walk. It's so strange to feel such heat in the sun at this time of year.

I lay by the river reading the paper feeling really self indulgent. I didn't see a soul. Except for this one:

I think that's what you'd call an inscrutable expression!


  1. Pretty tunic top. Glad you were able to break away from your work and treat yourself to the lovely sunshine.

  2. I too made myself go outside today and leave my studying for a few hours. Stupidly I didn't think about sunscreen and came in with a very red neck and arms! That'll teach me. Your top was a good buy.

  3. Love your top - I used to work in Oxfam as a volunteer, but came home too often with too many good things! It is beautiful by the Nene and you have reminded me that I haven't been down to the banks for a walk lately.

    We were babysitting in Lincoln and came home yesterday, but I too have caught the sun - I have fair skin and I love it, but it doesn't love me !!

  4. I remembered sunscreen today, but the heat has gone from the sun, although it is still beautiful out there :)