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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Stop the car!

Every time we visit my father-in-law in Norfolk, we drive home via this stunning little shop near Thornham. So far, it has usually been so late in the day that it has been closed. But today, that 'open' sign was shining out at me and the family had no say in the matter: I was going in! I am so glad I did. It's a beautiful place, full to the brim of vintage and new Scandi/French items....the owner kindly said I could take some photos for my blog, so here we are (address and website at the end of this post): 

I love this paint colour on the shop exterior.

Look at this beautiful double eiderdown hanging over the deck. And inside....

I have quite a few pretty old eiderdowns stashed away in various cupboards (my boys don't want them on their beds - understandably). I wasn't sure if I would keep them (the eidys, not the boys!), but sometimes you just need to see something on display to realise how much you really do like it.

Next door is a farm shop, which was also looking amazing in the sunshine.

I was very restrained and just bought a very practical, very plain, long sisal runner for our hall. I have noticed that husband is looking at this rather sceptically (sisal is not his favourite thing). But I feel all fired up by this flying visit. I may well be delving into my shed and get a few projects underway tomorrow.

You can find the shops at Drove Orchards, Thornham, Norfolk PE36 6LS 

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  1. What a divine shop, love it all, the colours are lovely, like the picture of the ship, it would just go in my hall. Julie xxxz