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Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday market

Spring flowers were everywhere on my local market today. These narcissi smell ridiculously sweet, filling the car with their scent, and now the house, too. 

I bought more flowers than usual, as I am doing a photo shoot for the local magazine on Sunday, and I want to add a flavour of spring to our pictures. 

I do love this Friday market, especially when the sun shines and everybody is out and about. The little shops in the town centre are busy and bustling, just as they should be. The charity shops were bursting at the seams so I didn't expect to make any finds, but my foraging had surprisingly good results. These vintage bird books are beautiful:

Now, I know I am getting quite geeky about old children's books but I have noticed that some other bloggers appreciate them, too.

And does anyone remember Mary Plain?

Finally, I could not leave this old lace tablecloth behind. It was only a couple of pounds and there is so much work in it, it had to come with me.

I am using lots of pastel coloured, Easter themed vintage props in my photo session on Sunday, so I'll take plenty of snaps and will report back soon.

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