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Sunday, 24 June 2012


An open garden in a nearby village. I thought this path across the river looked so inviting in a slight misty haze. This photo really sums up the landscape where I live.

We dodged showers and the sun was hot when it showed. The walled vegetable garden is a beauty. A little bit dilapidated, all the more charming for that. There were onions, peas, strawberries, potatoes, lettuces, herbs and a fruit cage full of blackcurrant and raspberry bushes.

I love gardens which tantalise with doors in walls and paths which snake around corners. 

And what about this for a lush border? I loved this plant (below).

A honeysuckle arch:

And to round it all off, a home made scone with plum jam and clotted cream.

And when we got home, just time to put up my lovely new sign. 


  1. What beautiful scenery, and your sign looks lovely! Really like the swallow fabric on the pelmet xxx

    1. Thank you, it was an ebay buy years ago. I love how fellow bloggers notice all the little details! I do it, too.