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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Let there be light...

Summer came for about two hours this morning, but now the cloud is down and it's very gloomy for a June afternoon. But there are some beautiful flowers in my garden. For the first time ever, I have raised an everlasting sweet pea (bottom left, sorry about the wonky montage, it's hard to control these little photos). I bought the sweet pea at the car boot two years ago, it's really taken off and I think it's going to be smothered in flowers very soon. 

It's been a strange week so far. I've encountered an internet troll - not on my blog, fortunately, I think I'm safe here with my small and select band of readers. It was through the local magazine that I work for. You just wonder how people get to the point where they harbour so much bitterness. I felt sorry for my troll, he was very angry indeed. I would have recommended yoga, or stopping to smell the flowers, but I don't think it would have gone down well :)

This little piece of loveliness was another of my finds at Newark last week. It's a beautiful crochet blanket in a kind of cobwebby design. It has unusual colours, slightly 'off' but I really love them. 
Blankets and cakes, I dunno, it's not really very seasonal. 

My family do love these butterfly cakes though (add a little maple syrup to the butter cream mix to make them ultra-yummy).

Troll-free zone.


  1. There are some very angry people about but you obviously haven't let it get you down. Those cakes look gorgeous - I bet they were eaten in a flash. I bought a lovely old crochet blanket today too - my feet are under it now as its very chilly here this evening. Karen X

    1. Hi Karen, I think I was more incredulous than upset, but it's all blown over now. Just one of the downsides of us all being so connected I guess.
      I can never resist a crochet blanket, I'm glad you had a good find.

  2. Hello lovely, have only just caught up on your blog.....isnt it quite sad how these people become so bitter and angry inside, and have to bully others. I'm glad you are ok, they are just sad individuals who have no one to love them.
    Your blanket is lovely and those cakes look delicious, we had an everlasting sweetpea but the pesky rabbit ate is :-) xx
    hope you have a better week xx

  3. Pretty flowers and I love your unusual crochet blanket. What a lovely find.