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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Good things...

My husband was working in Germany recently. He often brings me a home magazine if he's working abroad, as he knows I prefer that to anything else. This magazine was really beautiful, it had a mini magazine attached to the cover with some beautiful garden ideas inside.

From our home grown crop, this month I loved BBC Homes and Antiques. It is my favourite by a county mile. The homes they feature are usually so quirky and interesting, created with love, not money.

I really like this cover and there are some excellent features inside. I get  many ideas from this magazine.
I bought a book that was reviewed in here recently. It's a reproduction of a 1938 book, illustrated by one of my favourite artists, Eric Ravilious (published by the V&A). Eric Ravilious was killed in the Second World War, aged only 39.

The book is really a snapshot of a high street of the time, with text about all the different sorts of shops, including the cheesemonger, knife grinder, junk shop and oyster bar. The illustrations are quirky, never twee.

Even back in the 1930s, the author is lamenting the homogenisation of the high street. and the 'standardisation of the shop fronts.' What would he think of it now!? 
This is a really special book, one to treasure.
And finally, a couple of new acquisitions. I bought this hanging from Foxtail Lilly at the recent vintage sale. 

I have found a spot for it, but I need to find a way of hanging it. It makes me very happy seeing this every day. 
And this cute tea cosy came from the car boot on Sunday, priced at £1. Sometimes, it really is the little things....

It's deadline week, so I need to get back to work. Have a good day, one and all.


  1. I bought this book too, featured in my blog about books and reading. Just love that kind of social history book.
    I used to write for county magazines mainly those in Norfolk, and it was a great way of finding out the history of where I live, plus some quirky and interesting stuff too.

    1. Yes, I love this kind of book, too. V& A are doing some good ones.
      Working on a local magazine is great - you get to know so much about where you live.

  2. Hello, have a little look at my blog ... there's a surprise for you! xxx

  3. The wall hanging is so lovely and I've been admiring the photo of your little tea cosy on your previous couple of posts. Such a lovely buy for £1. I've also been admiring your new blog header image - so very pretty. I treated myself to a copy of Home & Antiques this month. Always a good mix of articles and lovely inspiring photos.