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Friday, 22 June 2012

On the road

Yesterday was a day off. I'd decided that I would go to Newark Antiques Fair, which is one of the huge two day events, and is about 45 miles north of where we live. I was introduced to it about 12 years ago and before then, I had no idea that such things existed. I remember being completely bowled over when I stepped inside the showground for the first time to find this enormous pop up community of tents and caravans, with tarpaulins spread out on the grass, covered in piles of gorgeous worn and weathered things.  I'd always loved second hand stuff, but this was something else. That very first time, I think I bought an old blue quilt, which I still love, and some rather over-priced but very pretty German storage tins. I've wised up a lot, but Newark still has a special place in my heart. 

I don't go every time now, in fact, it's a year or so since I was last there, but  I felt really excited, and ignored the rain lashing my windscreen, as I headed along the A1. The weather didn't relent, but I still had a really good day, despite cold hands, frizzy hair and soggy feet.

I was on the hunt for some fabric, and I found some lovely pieces. So many ideas for these scraps of linen, soft cotton and barkcloth. There was one big tent just full of faded fabrics, old ribbons, threads and trimmings.

 French chintz. I'll save these curtains until I have a window to fit them....

But my find of the day is this old enamel sign. I love everything about it, the simple graphics, the colour, its wear and tear. I had just enough left in my purse to buy it. Serendipity.


  1. Those curtains are gorgeous ... I'd have a window put in just so I could put them up! Also love the sign, hope you show us where you put it ... Have a lovely weekend, xxx

    1. I have just the place for my sign! And you're right, the curtains are worth building an extension for....

  2. Wow! That sign is amazing - you're right, the colours and wear are just right. We are about an hour and a half from Newark - really must go one day.