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Friday, 1 June 2012

Testing, testing

I had an iPhone for my birthday. It's quite a step up from the £20 Nokia that I've had for longer than I can remember, but I was very attracted by the photographic opportunities that friends have been telling me about (the phone bit is useful, but that wasn't my first priority!). I've managed to get it set up, with help from my sons (husband is away in America), and today I've started playing with an app, called Hipstamatic. Very slowly, I am starting to work it out. It's a bit like sewing for me, it doesn't come naturally, but I want the end product so badly that I'll persevere! Anyway, here are my first attempts with the retro filter. I can see that this is going to be addictive.

And another one: 

My main task for today, once work is done, is getting ready for the Jubilee exhibition on our village cricket field on Sunday. It's all about the 1950s. I've borrowed a mannequin to display my lovely vintage dress (I can't risk splitting the seams by squeezing into it myself), and I also have fabrics, crockery and cookery books. I made an appeal for items in our village newsletter, and some people got in touch to say they will be bringing me things on the day. I'll remember to take plenty of pics. The bunting is coming out along the main street of our village, I'll pop out tomorrow and see it. There is a sense of excitement building, and I think lots of people will be out, come rain or shine (and I think it is probably going to be rain!).

                   1950s Audrey style dress

                  A 1950s swimsuit


  1. Apps are fab- So easy, and portable too! Have fun. x

  2. Not finding it easy yet, but reckon a few days of practice should sort me out. The possibilities are endless!

  3. How fabulous! Must be lovely to live in a village community where big events are celebrated as a community ... Have a fabulous time and your pictures are gorgeous xxx

  4. Actually this is the first time I can remember a collective event in this particular village. I am so glad we're doing something though. Enjoy the break...

  5. I love the hipstamatic app too I take pictures of everything. Its also easy to share photos with friends and family. I also have the 8mm vintage camera app which is great fun. Looking forward to seeing your Jubilee pictures and hope the rain keeps away. Have a great weekend. Karen X