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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Saturday drawing at Cafe Valise

Today I did something completely different. Instead of the usual Saturday chores, I went to Peterborough to a pop up arts cafe, where there were all sorts of interesting things taking place as part of the city's Arts Festival. I particularly wanted to do some drawing, because although I always intend to draw at home, I never actually seem to get around to it. 
An arts organisation called Metal have moved into Peterborough to try and start some community arts projects and the cafe is their first idea. They have transformed an old parking fines office into a suite of mini studios, and there were some artists there running various workshops. The drawing studio was really tranquil. You could choose a heading or a subject, such as The Sea, or in my case, A Beautiful Place, and then just take a piece of card and start. At first I froze and I couldn't think of anything, but all those open gardens that I've been visiting must have been in my head. I got so absorbed that two hours passed in the blink of an eye. Once you completed your drawing, you were asked to place it in a display unit under the subject heading that you had chosen.

There were all kinds of intriguing found objects lining the studio ....

A very lovely place for coffee and cake....

Space for children...

I had a great morning. And now I want to do some more!


  1. I love the colours you have used. Its a lovely idea to have a pop up arts cafe. My boys have done art workshops at the De La Warr but they are only for children. Hope you have the chance to do some more drawing soon. Karen X

    1. I thought it was a great idea to have the pop up cafe. I couldn't persuade my boys to come with me, they are not art enthusiasts despite my best efforts!

  2. What a pretty drawing. The colours are beautiful and remind me of an impressionist painting.